Accepting Manuscripts August 2023

Zio Apollo Press will begin accepting book-length manuscripts, chapbooks, and creative hybrid forms by writers historically excluded from publication and who reject racism, marginalization, and violence beginning August 1, 2023.

Send your original nonfiction, fiction, poetry, memoirs, or any form that speaks your truth, but we will reject manuscripts that feature any of the following:

  • Graphic depictions of rape or sexual assault
  • Depictions of abuse of people with disabilities
  • Graphic abuse of a person, group of people, or animals

Zio Apollo Press respectfully asks writers avoid simultaneous submissions. We do our best to offer a quick response time, so please allow us the privilege of sole consideration during the 4-week reading period.

Zio Apollo Press is open to negotiating contract terms, signing bonus amount, final manuscript delivery payments, and royalty amounts. Writer pays no fees or costs towards publication. You are welcome to review the Publisher Agreement here.

Zio Apollo Press will advertise the book in national print and online magazines, on social media, and through endorsements from partners & organizations. If writer chooses to perform any marketing tasks including book signings, we are open to negotiate payment to the writer for their efforts and service.

Email manuscripts to: zioapollopress [at] gmail [dot] com

Please include you name and page number on each page of the manuscript.

In the body of your email include:

  • Your name and the pronoun we should use when addressing you in our correspondences
  • Attach the manuscript in one of the following formats: .pdf, .doc, or .docx

Zio Apollo Press commits to giving manuscripts, emails, and correspondences that follow non-scholastic approaches to grammar and spelling our full attention.

Expect a response time of 2-4 weeks. Your patience is appreciated.

Cosimo Giovine (he/him/his)