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“Highly recommend Lies, Fibs, & Fabrications. I read an early draft of the manuscript—a unique voice, melancholic, with a real sense of place and time.” —Nathan Oseroff-Spicer, Copy Editor, Lies, Fibs, & Fabrications

Lies, Fibs, and Fabrications by William L. Alton is a novella about the Carters, a proud and broken family living in Izard, a town in the Ozark mountains. The interrelated stories are a visit to the well of the Ozark tradition of “spinning yarns” and filled with whispered gossip and subtle tension. Billy examines and finds his identity in a part of the country where neighbors often disapprove and are sometimes dangerous, where family leaves him feeling like an outsider. Search for faith and redemption along with Billy, and insight and inspiration among multiple generations of Carters: Grandpa who gave up on God during the war, Grandma who loved to dance with him before the metal in his hip, and Billy finding comfort in spite of an intolerant family and town.